Vanilla Butter Cream ~ Made with British unsalted butter and Madagascan Vanilla bean

Vanilla Italian Frosting ~ Meringue style frosting, great with citrus cakes

Buerre Noisette Butter Cream ~ Vanilla butter cream made with burnt butter, to give a toffee popcorn flavour

Caramel ~ Dulche de leche butter cream

Cherry Butter Cream ~ Made with British butter, Fair trade icing sugar and cherry jam. Topped with Morrello Cherries

Chocolate Ganache ~ Made using 60% cocoa mass German chocolate, and British cream

'Bounty' style Chocolate and Coconut filling or frosting ~ Made with chocolate ganache and toasted coconut

Almond Butter Cream ~ Almond extract is added to our delicious vanilla butter cream

Lemon Butter Cream ~ Fresh Lemon juice is added to our vanilla butter cream

Cream Cheese Citrus Frosting ~ Amazing with Carrot, Red Velvet, or Lemon cakes ~ Made with full fat cream cheese and fresh un-waxed citrus fruit

Chocolate Ganache ~ Made using 60% cocoa mass German chocolate, and British cream

Lemon Curd ~ Home made using organic lemons

Seasonal Fruit Jams ~ Home made

Crème Pattisier ~ Home made pastry cream, thick custardy goodness

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Chocolate Cake ~ Rich but light chocolate cake

Hazelnut Cake ~ Practically a flowerless cake made with home roasted hazelnuts, German chocolate

Red Velvet Cake ~ Light, fluffy, red, vanilla flavour sponge to contrast beautifully with any filling

Lemon Drizzle ~ Made using fresh un-waxed lemons, and the best Vanilla extracts

Carrot Cake ~ Made with fresh carrots, un-waxed lemons and oranges, sultans, chopped nuts, and lots of spice

Vanilla Cake ~ Made with Madagascan vanilla beans


Caramel Cake ~ Made with fair trade brown sugar, Madagascan vanilla beans, and buerre noisette to give a toasty toffee caramel flavour

Apple and Cinnamon ~ Comforting and moist made with chunks of British apples, Madagascan vanilla and spice

Banana Cake ~ Or Banana Bread as it's also known. Can be made into a loaf shape

Traditional fruit Cake ~  Boozy soaked fruit like sultanas, dates, currants, figs and more, mixed zests and chopped nuts. Either Brandy or Rum  

Traditional Fruit Cake none alcoholic ~ Fruit is soaked in apple and orange juice

Coconut Cake ~ Light vanilla and desiccated coconut sponge topped with toasted coconut

Vanilla Butter cream
Cherry Jam
Lemon Butter cream
Blackberry Jam
Cream Cheese Frosting
Lemon Curd
Chocolate Butter cream
Apricot Jam
Beure noisette Butter cream
Stewed Seasonal fruit
Red velvet
Chocolate ganache

Dulche de leche

Crème Patisier

Almond Butter cream

Pick your sponge, filling, and size 

All the frostings and sponges are interchangeable, so mix and match as much as you like, to create the cake of your dreams.

As with all our baked items we use the best quality local and British products where ever possible, and always free range and fair trade, this makes our cakes taste wonderful, and just makes sense!

Our cakes can be covered or frosted however you desire, so you can go traditionally or rouge. Take a look at our lists and pairing suggestions

We make bespoke cakes for our clients, so your cake will be uniquely you

Whether you are looking for a Celebration cake, Cup cakes, a Wedding cake or Layer cake this page gives you a list of our current sponges, fillings and icing. If you would like a flavour that isn't listed, just ask and we can make it for you

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